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Alex Blackwell Cup

Charity event

Carisbrooke LTC will be running this charity event in memory of Alex Blackwell again in 2023.

In a nutshell:
20 minutes timed tennis matches
Sudden death deuces
Different partner every match
Player who wins the most games wins!

Alex Blackwell Cup 2023
Alex Blackwell Cup 2023

What is American Doubles?

American Doubles is a style of competition where you enter as a single player, and get matched with different partners.
So every match, you'll play with a different partner!
At the end of the tournament, the player who has won the most games, wins.

For this tournament, you'll be playing 20 minute matches, up to however many games you are able to complete before time is up.
If you are midway through a game when time is up, the pair with the most points wins that game.
If both pairs have equal points when time is up, treat it as a deuce.
All deuces are sudden death, so whoever wins the point, wins that game.

Enter the Alex Blackwell Cup here!

This event is open to Carisbrooke members with a tennis age 19 and over. There are 24 spaces available on a first come, first serve basis!

Your entry will not be guaranteed until you have paid the entry fee of £5.
You will receive an email with payment details after submitting the entry form.
Unfortunately we cannot give any refunds if you are unable to attend after payment has been received.